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Inauguration of Thrift Shop

Thrift Shop was established in 2018. It was inaugurated by Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Cheema Chairman NAVTTC and healed by Wise Welfare Media Affair Director Mrs. Leena Munir

Thirft Shop

Thrift Shop ia place where we sell used, semi-used and even new clothes with tags on. It includes from clothing, household items, jewellery, linen, shoes, bags, accessories, toys, furniture, books and electronics items. The items are sold at a lower and affordable price. People who cannot affoard to buy stuff at expensive shops. Thrift shop is best place for them. At times we even reduce the amount for every needy person. People also benefit from access to reasonable priced items.

Donations in the form of things

These items are donated, families and a word of mouth spreads like fire. It’s their trust they believe in Wise Charity works. Old students of Golden era also donate stuff. 

We keep on increasing donors and buyer by the Grace of ALLAH.

Purpose of Thrift Shop