Welcome to WISE, a bigger milestone that is offering a blend of formal Education & skill development for our generation. The motive behind this unique project is the reduction of poverty and penury of unemployment. WISE has established its reputation over the last 30 years and marked its presence by showing the result with the highest ratio of students. WISE is a platform where formal education and skill development are done, but here the ethical values are also inculcated in students, which helps them not to be only successful people but also good human beings. My team is working hard day & night and it’s because of our collective effort that we can achieve excellence in almost all of the projects of wise. The role which is played by our outstanding students, dedicated staff, professional alumni supporters in the government-industry and philanthropy is inevitable which is ranked WISE at the top of all unique projects.

We aim to find out students’ hidden Potential, nurture it, guide & train them, and finally equip them with the right training & skills so that they could play positively in a Globalized Society and could behave like game changers and reformers.

In WISE student grooming is done on high moral and ethical grounds which keeps their dreams and aspirations alive and provides them with self-confidence and skill development which helps them to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Our mentoring staff provides them cushions where they feel Problems leave their queries and helps them to become   successful individuals and grow as better and more successful in the society. .  Wise is not only providing the formal education and skill training but help guide the students till their final destination of job placement/business start-up, depending upon the aptitude of students! they are either directed towards relevant Job placement or provided with interest-free loans to start their own business, though I feel that our efforts are just like a rain drop in a harsh desert I am hopeful that our strive to reduce the poverty level in our country will be fruitful  and will bring a massive change one-day In shah Allah.

Prof. Hamda Tariq

Prof. Hamda Tariq Educationist & Philanthropist is founder of Wise education Society. She is CEO/ Principal Wise College, Wise Skill Institute & Western Business School. She has served Pakistan Home Economics Association (PHEA) as general Secretory for 16 years. She is pioneer to initiate the concept bridging the gap between academia and industry and introduced professional education system along with skill training to develop employability skills amongst youth. She is passionately working to train the youth for self-employment according to global trends.


CEO / Principal