Welcome to WISE, a unique project of its kind offering a blend of Formal Education and Skill Trainings that helps our Youth in getting jobs or establishing their own businesses. WISE is an institution with a proven track record of 30 years, providing high quality education with commitment and ethical values. WISE is a platform where excellence is nurtured, pursued and celebrated as we work to create positive change for a better world. Other than dispersing formal Education, creating job opportunities & providing interest free loans for Business startups is our top Agenda to reduce poverty and un-employment. Outstanding students, staff and alumni, imaginative teaching, and supporters in government, industry and philanthropy have all combined to position the WISE as one of unique concept in the field of Education.

Our aim is to nurture student’s potential by keeping dreams and aspirations of our YOUTH alive, hence, we can say that WISE equips our students with right trainings and employability skills so that they may strive and grow in Globalized Society. We believe in cultivating talent as well as self confidence among students through Formal Education, Skill Trainings and proper Employment.

Our faculty staff focus on close mentoring instead of mere academic teachings by inculcating ethical values for leading a successful life. Our dream is to develop our Youth by providing quality education, empowering with skills and create proper employment in order to stabilize the Economy of our Nation. We also provide Interest free loans and also encourage them for business startup who have entrepreneurial skills. We are just a drop in the Ocean, but we will strive to reduce the poverty level in our Country INSHALLAH by building the future for our youth which in turn would build our future.





Rendering services in social sector for over 28 years as CEO, WISE Education Society (WES) & Vice President, Society for Promotion of Education, Environment & Community Health (SPEECH) and some of the key achievements are: