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Skill Institute

WISE Skill Institute

Since 1991, wise is producing Skill Training and Quality Education to our all level students, Considered top rank Institute in the job Market. In spite of this excellent performance in the field of regular education, Wise Management got tuff experiences about students’ placement, so according to the concept and philosophy of Wise to reduce poverty and Unemployment, it was decided to establish a separate skills institute. Wise Institute of Employability Skills (WISE Institute) has been established in 2015. Wise dedicated leadership realized the importance of Govt. Certificates of Vocational and Technical training Institute for this purpose Wise got affiliations from National Vocational Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) at Federal level and with Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF) at provincial Level. After getting affiliations our students Self-Earning placement ratio increased to 80%.

Our Wise Skill Institute operates Two Groups.

Skill Training for College

Wise College is providing IT Skills Training to its all students during studies keeping on the focus on Self-earning Wise leadership provides hand on experience of the students Self-Earning. Experts have been hired to train the Wise students from 1st year. Regular IT Skills classes make our students skillful
enough, so they start self-earning after few months of training in 1st year under the supervision of self-earning experts and be able to support their families 

These students excel day by day. At B.COM level advance IT Skills have been provided to our students so that they can earn more with the help of advance level IT Techniques. In this way Wise is achieving its mission to reduce poverty & Unemployment.

Skills Training for Educated Unemployed Students

Wise Skill Institute is not only providing Skills Training to Wise students, but it is also facilitating hundreds of students educated unemployed students from different university and
making them earning members of the society. To entertain educated unemployed youth Wise Skill Institute got affiliation from National Vocational Technical Training Commission
(NAVTTC) in 2016. Wise Institute has a competent team of professionals. Due to day & night working of Wise professionals for the provision of quality skills training & continuous students’
assessment & Evolution Wise got “Accreditation from NAVTTC

Skill Achievements

WISE is one of the pioneer partners of NAVTTC. It has successfully conducted many NAVTTC schemes with “Zero Dropout” of trainees such as “Phase-III Batch-I”, “Phase-III Batch-II”, “Phase-IV Batch-I” and “Phase IV Batch-II”. In these schemes Wise has conducted NAVTTC Conventional Courses with its full commitment & professionalism. By not compromising on quality, our team of professionals conducted skills trainings and one of our DIT students Arshad Hussain got 3rd position at provincial Level.

From 2020 onwards NAVTTC has changed its framework to provide Conventional skill trainings to those students who belong to small cities and towns. As NAVTTC moved towards Hi-Tech, Hi- End skill training for graduates highly qualified Youth living in big cities of Pakistan. NAVTTC
is only giving these Hi-Tech Courses to Higher level skill training institutes and universities. Now, Wise Institute has also shifted its skills trainings for graduates towards Hi-Tech/Hi-End courses under the partnership with NAVTTC. For this purpose, Wise has already 6 well equipped IT labs
for Hi-Tech skill trainings. Wise has highly qualified team of professional Instructors & well experienced consultants for execution of Hi-tech skill trainings. Wise has competent management team with senior level professionals and instructors having strong expertise in relevant areas respectively with latest hand-on experience.

Wise Institute has successfully completed Kamyab jawan Program Batch II with the 100% OJT of 125 trainees and 61% trainees are placed or self-employed. After the successful completion of Batch II, the management of Wise Institute is committed to train more students through HiTech /Hi-End. In Kamyab Jawan Batch III, Wise Institute has run 6 classes with morning & evening groups. Wise has a privileged to run latest Technologies in Batch III i.e., Blockchain Programming & become the one & only Institute in the Punjab to train the Trainees about this future Technology. (Blockchain Programming). Similarly, when we talk about the Microsoft certification of our Hi-Tech Trainees, one of our most talented trainees of Batch II “Khawaja Raheel” got 95% marks in Microsoft A.I. 900 Exam, and Sameed Ahmed Batch III student, got 90% marks in the same exam. 

Director General NAVTTC appreciated these brilliant students in the ceremony organized by Wise Institute to honor the High Achievers. (Upload pic of Microsoft certification AI 900 Khawaja Raheel and Sameed)