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Interest Free Loan Provider Center

Interest Free Loan Provider Center

The Leadership of Wise Education Society is not only providing free education & skills training to its all orphan, deserving & talented students it is also facilitating hundreds of educated unemployed from other Universities and also provides them interest-free loans for students and their families. Wise Interest-Free Loan Provider enter has been established since 2016. The mechanism of this center is that our many donors & Sponsors contribute specially for this project to support these deserving students for their Self-Earning. The center collects all the donations & gives the amount to the applicant as per his/her business proposal. In this way Center rotates all of its funds for many deserving students. Self-earning or business startups. This loan scheme is totally different scheme from the conventional loan system prevailing in our country. The unique feature of this scheme is that we provide interest-free loans to our skillful students & their parents. This scheme is based on very easy installment plan with mutual understanding of the parties (Wise + Students). The beneficiaries of the scheme are the following:

Wise has been providing this interest free loan scheme since 2016. The amount of loan depends upon the business proposal of the borrower (student or parent) with the help of this easy installments interest free loan scheme, many students & their families have started their self-earning and now they are the earning members of the society.

Loan scheme Eligibility Criteria (for Students)

Interest Free Loan Scheme Steps

Loan scheme Eligibility Criteria (for parents)

Documents Required for Loan Scheme (for Students)