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2015 Onwards


After 2015, Wise has realized that the root cause of unemployment is the huge gap between academia and industry. The only solution that can help to reduce it is to equip our students with skill-based training during studies that could act as a bridge between academia and the job market. During the period between 2015 and 2024 Wise College has contributed tremendously by liberating thousands of youth and their families from the vicious circle of Unemployment and poverty which helped to enhance and enrich their living standards. Wise management has ever since aspired to reduce unemployment and improve the poverty level of underprivileged diligent youth in a dignified way. Thus, in order to enhance skill competency during students’ education, skill affiliations have been made with Punjab Skill Development Fund (PSDF) and National Vocational Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) at the provincial and federal levels.

Another big social issue is poverty and WISE College has strenuously made efforts to reduce poverty in our country by introducing self-earning techniques and preparing our graduates for jobs as per job market requirements. In addition, WISE put in its efforts that the children of laborers, drivers, and unskilled job holders be given an opportunity to be equipped with such education and skills that will help them to become effective earning members of society instead of following the unskilled jobs. This effort of WISE College really helped to raise the economic and social status of their families.

Wise has made strenuous efforts to drag the deserving students of our society out of the vicious cycle of poverty offering them 100% Free Education. For this purpose, such important and difficult steps have been taken by the Wise Management

By taking these steps, Wise has managed to rescue thousands of students from the vicious circle of poverty. The impact of Facilitating one student to start earning is equivalent to liberating his or her family from the miseries of eprivation and hardships.Wise has not only supporting its own students but also working with the unemployed youth of other colleges & Universities by teaching them the techniques of Self-earning. The ultimate result of this concept will reduce poverty and unemployment of the society.

Such all students of Wise have taken an oath with full conviction that they will also help the newly admitted deserving students of Wise by sponsoring their educational expenses like they were once sponsored by other sponsors through the platform of Wise.