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WISE SINCE 1991-2015

Wise College has been established since 1991. The concept to establish college was not add another educational institute, but the concept to prepare students according to industry demand by providing IT Skills during studies & become them earning members of society. Wise is the 1st Private Institute affiliated with the University of the Punjab at the Post-Graduate level and awarded Gold Medalists in 2001, 2003 and 2018.



Post-Graduate Level
Degree Level
Intermediate Level
During 24 years of excellence Wise leadership concluded that formal education without skills leading to Unemployment & Poverty and Social Injustice. Although Wise is providing a quality education and have produced gold Medalists (PU) at Post Graduate level, the bitter dilemma of our educated youth is not fulfilling the demands of the current job market and thus increases un-employment. One of our biggest issues is unemployment that increases the poverty level and its root cause is a huge gap between academia and industry linkages. The only solution that can help to reduce this gap is to equip our students with skill-based trainingwith Self-Earning during studies that could act as a bridge between academia and the job market.