• To educate those talented students who cannot afford higher professional education.
  • To educate parents, through workshops, to help children recognize and pursue fields for which they have aptitude.
  • Inculcate strong ethical values among students to minimize adolescent age problems.
  • Teach students through Brain Based Learning and enable them to develop English Language skills.
  • Develop compatibility of students' academics with job market demand during studies.
Pre-Board/University Exams 2015 are going to be commenced from 1st of April 2015, for date sheet & results please click the link in the academics menu, you can also view your results online after the completion of exams. Best of Luck for your Pre-Board/University Exams 2015. (Principal WISE College)   

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The WISE Education Society (WES) Pakistan is a project sponsored by a panel of enlightened professionals devoted to the cause of purposeful education. Wise has a rich history of over 22 years. A road map to your career excellence we strive to provide novel global avenues for the youth of our nation. The leaders of tomorrow''. The object of wise is to provide programs to address the ever changing global trends and enter in the job market dynamic with the help of personal attention, ethical values and atmosphere. To achieve this objective, wise has initiated a project, Western Business School and introduce a degree program BBA (Hons) ICM (UK). Along with providing complete academic path, WISE offers a wide range of courses pertaining to brain based Education system for entire brain development.