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Sponsor Bell Honors

Pay It Forward: Sponsor Bell Honors

The Honor Bell tolls free of charge at veteran funeral and memorial services, helping to recognize the service and sacrifice made by our men and women in uniform. Their families, comrades, and community appreciate the recognition that Bell Honors brings to their loved ones.

But we can’t do it alone. Our all-veteran, all-volunteer Bell Guard renders Bell Honors every day, rain or shine. And they depend upon a community of people and organizations like yours to make it happen. From providing Bell Guard uniforms to maintaining and running the Bell Transport Vehicle that houses the 1,000 Honor Bell, tolling takes resources.

Sponsor Tolling Program

The Honor Bell Tolling Sponsor Tolling Program makes these honors possible. With it, an individual or organization can sponsor tollings, ranging from one funeral or memorial service, to a day of rendering Honors, through an entire week of Bell Honors operations. This program helps to continue our mission by ensuring our volunteers are able to keep the Honor Bell tolling for our veterans after they pass.

This is truly a unique opportunity to recognize the contributions of veterans in your organization and to allow them to take part in a special experience if they so choose.

Sound Your Support Today By Becoming A Bell Honors Sponsor

Sponsors will have the opportunity to toll the Honor Bell at a service — either themselves, if they are a veteran, or any veteran from their organization. That veteran will receive a commemorative challenge coin, as will the sponsoring organization, along with a certificate of recognition.

You can sponsor one service member’s Bell Honors for $50, a day of Bell Honors for $250, or a week’s tollings for $500.

If you have any questions please contact us at or 720.282.9182