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This policy explains what information we gather when you visit and how that information is utilized. The website ( and all its subdomains are managed and created by Wise School and College Located at this Address “48-Main Gulberg, Lahore

The Information We Gather About You:

When you visit this website, a third-party service called Google Analytics records the patterns of your behavior which includes your IP address, the type of browser and the device you use to access the website, the time of accessing the website,  and the medium that was used to land on this website. The duration of your interaction with and the pages you visit are recorded while your identity remains anonymous. The IP address may only be used to keep a record of the geographical location of the users and does not link to any kind of personal information.

The Gathered Information Can Be Used For:

The information gathered by Google Analytics can be used to keep a record of how users found our website and which mediums redirected users to our website. The patterns of behavior can provide insight into what users are doing on, what pages they are accessing, and the duration of their stay on those pages. This information is useful in accessing the website’s performance and ensuring visitors are taking the actions they are meant to take. Such information can help us analyze the performance of our website and the mediums that are redirecting users to us. This can help us improve our website’s usability and make it more efficient for our users.

Any information collected will not be provided to any third party and will only be used by the Office of Communication and Publication of Wise School and College.

The Information Is Collected By:

The information may be collected by Google and other third parties by using cookies, web beacons, and any other kind of similar technology.


Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer. The files record the pages you visit to improve user experience and interaction on a website. The cookies can be blocked by changing the settings of your web browser.

Amendments In This Policy:

This privacy policy can be changed or updated at any time when there is a need for it. Any changes will be reflected on this page.

Contact Information:

In case of any queries regarding how the information is collected and utilized, you may email

Effective Date:

The effective date of this policy is March 15, 2019