Parents Earning Scheme

Wise Education society has been working in the field of Education, Skills and Placement of the students since 1991.The society is not only working for the Orphan & Deserving students but also providing many earning opportunities for their underprivileged families to reduce poverty & unemployment of the country. Under the project “Study for Self-Earning with Ethics”, Wise is entertaining 2 types of the students;

School & College students

Unemployed Educated Youth belongs to other colleges

The following table shows wise admitted student’s parents’ professions session 2023-2025.

Parents Earning Scheme is for both type of students. Mostly common professions of wise students are Drivers, electricians, plumbers, Tailors, Security Guards, salesmen Gardeners and labour and late etc. Wise provides skills-based earning opportunities to the parents. Whereas permanent jobs and Referring jobs and earing projects are also available for deserving families

Wise Directors play vital role in this regard, they provide different opportunities for earning to the parents according to their skills. Similarly, when we talk about the permanent jobs of the parents, CEO Mrs. Tariq always encourage our students ’parents. Our official Rickshaw driver is one of our student’s father and she has also hired a gardener for college whose daughters are still studying at wise college. In this way Thousands of students got education from wise college and hundreds of student’s parents got earning opportunities.

Ethics plays an important role in our society, we at Wise emphasize upon ethics training. Wise Visionary Management realizes its importance and make a comprehensive strategy for students to inculcate ethics values at every level. For this purpose ,highly professional team of Al-Huda International has been requested to taught these students.The instructors of Al-Huda came to take the classes twice