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Wise Medical Center

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Wise has also arranged health facilities for its students. It provides services such as basic Medical care, mental and Psychological issues. A monthly visit of the Doctor’s is a must at Wise or when needed. Health issues are very important for the mental and physical growth of Students. A healthy mind and healthy body make a student academically strong.

We have a panel of Renowned doctors, surgeons, and psychiatrists they al are working free for this cause. Free eye camps and blood group camps are regularly arranged. First Aid training and to deal with emergencies are taught at Wise. 

Mrs. Zarina George, Dr. Saira Tareen from U.L, Dr. Liza Cherry from U.K, Dr. Faizan Farooq from P.K.L.C , Dr. Ejaz Tareen and Dr. Khalid Tareen were invited to Wise College as Guest speaker for the awareness of the students.