Job Placement & Business Startup

Job Placement & Business Startup

Wise College has been working for last 30 years and its Placement and Startup Center was established in 2012. Thousands of students have graduated from Wise College & many of them are placed in jobs or doing their own business.

Since 2015 onwards, Wise has shifted its entire Post Graduate educational level programs into skill training programs. The purpose is to reduce poverty by providing Jobs/ Business opportunities with interest free loans after giving skill trainings. For achieving the target of getting jobs and helping in starting business, the experts of Wise, during the skill training session provide them both opportunities (Job/Business). All our students, interact with the industry owners and their managers to learn about successful business techniques, professional C.V building/development and prepare them for job interviews through Seminars/ Workshops. We groom our student’s personality with ethical values to make them better human beings.

At the mid of the skill training session, students are divided into TWO (Job/ Business) groups. In job category, skillful students are directly referred to different organizations for jobs after the completion of their training. In case of business, Wise Placement & Startup Centre directly helps the students having potential in trading etc. to select their business and guide them to get Interest free loan.

Thus, Wise has helped to mitigate poverty in our society by increasing the number of placed students to earn their livelihood with dignity and respect. More than 10000 students have received skills training from Wise and more than 50% of them are placed at different Jobs or earning from Business.

To make our youth an earning member of the society through skills training, proper job placement and provides interest free loans for business startups.


Our Policy

Statistics Report of Students Placement

WISE Placement & Startup Centre is working for the proper Employment of its students for the last 20 years. During this time period, WISE Placement & Startup Centre has placed many students in the job market. We enrolled more than 10,000 students in our different Skill Training Programs. Wise has very strong bonding and liaison with renowned industries such as Service Group of Industries, LCCI, WCCI, Punjab Atta & many others that help in creating job opportunities for the graduated students. This ratio of creating job employment for the students is increasing on yearly basis.

Workshop / Seminars Under Wise Placement & Startup Center.

WISE Placement & Startup Centre works throughout the year to look for job opportunities for its talented youth. For this purpose, WISE Placement & Startup Centre has been organizing many activities, like arranging seminars and workshops that help develop liaisons between students and industrialist business people. The experts share their experiences and provide guidelines to students related to current trends in the job market and business world. WISE Placement & Startup Centre also conducts exceptional ethics training workshops to groom students’ personalities and character building. Wise has managed to bridge the gap between Academia and Industry by developing strong relationships with renowned industries such as Service Group, LCCI, WCCI, Punjab Atta & many others for the Employment of our skillful students.

Industrial Linkages

Management of WISE Placement & Startup Centre has established strong linkages with Pakistan’s known Industries for the Employment of our skillful students. It conducts regular meetings with the owner of industries and Businesses. Wise has signed MOUs with various sectors, and the purpose of MOU signing is to create bilateral Interaction of both parties to benefit our graduated youth.

Mou Signing Ceremony with WCCI

Mou Signing Ceremony with LCCI

Mou Signing Ceremony with PBI