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Ration Distribution (Corona) Amongst Parents of WISE Students

Society for Promotion of Education, Environment & Community Health (SPEECH) distributed Ration bags to its 120 deserving students during Covid 19 Pandemic. This financial support provides much relief to come out these deserving people from this critical situation.

First Aid Training

A workshop on teacher training about first Aid was organized by SPEECH. Mrs. Zarina George army retired nurse conducted the workshop. She shared different treatments in emergency such as soft tissue wounds, like the typical bruises, cuts, scrapes of everyday life, spurting cuts and amputations; burns, bee stings, poison ivy, and the dangers of anaphylactic …

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Inauguration Ceremony

SPEECH has initiated a project to Reduce Poverty & Un-Employment. Mrs. Hamda Tariq CEO/ Principal briefed about free I. Com education program for 120 talented & deserving students.

Iftar Party

SPEECH with the help of its honorable sponsor Mrs. Qaisara Sheikh Ex-President WCCI arranged iftar party for its I. Com deserving students& other skill students.