Placement & Startup Centre

WISE Placement & Startup Centre DIRECTOR MESSAGE

WISE Placement & Startup Centre facilitates its both types of skill students (Job / Business). WISE Placement & Startup Centre works throughout the year for students Employment or help in establishing their own business. WISE Placement & Startup Centre arranges various career counselling activities and conduct value added program by finding students interest, assisting in resume building recommending them to relevant jobs. WISE Placement & Startup Centre also get feedback from employers on monthly basis to make sure, Wise students are successfully performing at their jobs. We give the students tools to analyze and compete in business industry. We have been successful in maintaining our high placement statistics over the year which is the testimony of our quality. We under the guidance of our esteemed WISE CEO is contributing a vital role in the betterment of society. In this way wise is achieving its Mission to Reduce Poverty and Unemployment.