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Associate Degree Program in Commerce (B.Com)

Wise College is providing degree level (B.Com) to boys & girls from last 30 years. It has produced 100% results so many times.

From 2017 onwards Wise has initiated a project for underprivileged families & is entertaining only 30 boys & 30 girls in I.Com. After completion of I.Com we select students according to Wise merit criteria for This Degree program is totally free for only Wise students just like free I.Com education. Wise provide them free books, bags, uniform, stationary & lunch. Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com) program is now Converted to Associate Degree Program (ADP) in Commerce it is just a change of name. ADP in Commerce considered as a professional market demanding degree program in every era of time. So, Wise College is offering ADP in Commerce with Skill Training. According to Wise Project our B.Com students get Skill Training during this period of 2 years. Wise is also providing special regular ethics classes for B.Com students. These special classes are of two categories,

B.COM Eligibility Criteria

B.COM Admission Policy